Flaming (with Solquemia)

Robert Burns Hotel, 376 Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria

Flaming Flamenco/Swing! Brought to you by Solquemia and Friends. It's definitely happening. It has its own combined word for it and everything... like Brangelina... except like in a bro-mancy sort of way... with 2 guitars. Alejandro is Angelina, I'm Brad... obviously.

Nice thing about making up your own genre of music is that you can be the top band in the art form! We are also the only band obviously but they say it's lonely at the top.

Come on down to the Robert Burns Hotel to experience the world's top Flaming duo. Then turn up for every other gig of ours to check out how Flaming as a new musical art form is developing.... we totally know what we are doing!

Remember, you heard it here first...FLAMING (TM).